The Bell Kitchen

Morning Meditations: My Grandmother and Mid-Century Lessons to Live By

Do you know how some recipes you first make might seem to take an eternity to get under your proverbial belt? They could appear complicated at first, too many ingredients you just . . .

The Classic: Homemade Macaroni & Cheese

I hear there is quite the blizzard back home in Connecticut and the entire band of New England states for that matter. Come to think of it I didn’t quite “hear” about it as that verb may come with passive connotations.

Egg Wonders of the World: The French Soufflé

There’s nothing quite like rolling out of bed, cool water on your face to wash the sleep away, a hot pot of coffee, and turning on Fleetwood Mac. Saturday rolled in like a Prague fog today, calm and slow, a steep blowing from the hills of The Castle.

French Eggs Florentine au Gratin

Sitting on a call with Istanbul midday yesterday, I saw the flicker of my phone out of the corner of my eye. “Hey! I am getting my blood drawn on Friday,” the husband wrote in a text, . . .

Are you there, meatloaf? It’s me, Adam.

I must confess that I have been quite the lazy writer as of late. Lackluster on the posts and unable to make the time to share with you all that has (or has not) been cooking . . .