The Bell Kitchen

Homestyle New England Banana Bread

Spring! You have returned your sunshine and its adolescent grace with your crisp mornings and mild afternoons, freshly-cut grass and the scent of lilacs now lacing the city breeze . . .

French Baking: Pain de Mie & Raisin Bread

  Ah, Monday, here you are again to rise me from my sleep in your defeated look, shrugging your shoulders from my bedside as if to say, “don’t shoot the

Italy: Sundried Tomato and Pine Nut Bread

There is a lot to look forward to this summer; the sprawling Berlin flea markets, the thermal mountain spas of Marienbad, sun-washed castles in Salzburg, and the historic . . .

In the Kitchen with Veronika Baking Oatmeal Cookies

At last, the weekend! There’s nothing quite like that first 30 minutes of a Saturday morning. I know some of us have the fortune of slowly sauntering to the bathroom, rinsing the sleep away . . .

Preparing your own pastry dough (Quiche, Turnovers, Tarts, and more)

At the grocery store this week? Keep walking by the ready-made pie and pastry mixes. Your great-grandmother didn’t need them to create a golden-brown, flaky, buttery crust and neither do