The Bell Kitchen

Lidl Challenge: Chocolate Almond & Cherry Rum Cake

“In recent memory, minus perhaps a Boy Scout cake walk when I was 11 years-old, I don’t think I have ever competed in any sort of food challenge in my life. I never quite gave it much thought nor have had the opportunity to give it a go . . .”

DRØMMEKAGE: Danish Coffee Cake at the Cottage

“As the weekend approaches and excitement brews, so do we as we begin to plan our weekend. Plans to zip to visit a friend, take the yoga class, sort out the house, or schedule in a nap. Even if it is the laziest of times, we sometimes forget that lazy is often ironically scheduled in. For me . . .”

Custard: Vermont Maple Cream Pots

For me, Arbor Day this year is a special one. My grandfather, who recently passed away in December of last year, was a talented arboriculturalist and tree surgeon in Connecticut . . .

In the Kitchen with Veronika Baking Oatmeal Cookies

At last, the weekend! There’s nothing quite like that first 30 minutes of a Saturday morning. I know some of us have the fortune of slowly sauntering to the bathroom, rinsing the sleep away . . .

Morning Meditations: My Grandmother and Mid-Century Lessons to Live By

Do you know how some recipes you first make might seem to take an eternity to get under your proverbial belt? They could appear complicated at first, too many ingredients you just . . .