The Bell Kitchen

Caramelized Garlic, Spinach, & Cheddar Tart — “The Dinner Party”

“I sat with my back against the drafty Victorian window, my gray wool sweater being lapped through the pane by Long Island Sound’s November winds and my ears like a beach, caressed by waves of conversations swelling in the kitchen . . .”

French Pastry Feature: Gougères

This savory side makes for an excellent starter or can be served in lieu of a baguette. It is absolutely impossible to eat just one or two – or even three . . .

Apples-to-Apples: The French Tarte Tatin

I was standing in the midst of a dying garden of hydrangeas and bittersweet when my mother-in-law emerged from the 19th-century Czech farmhouse carrying a crate of apples she received from a neighbor’s orchard. . .

Zucchini and Tomato Swiss Quiche & Pastry Shell

Ah, the quiche! An open-faced, appetizing tart that can be served warm as a main meal and paired with a fresh green salad and a crisp white wine. Served cold,

Preparing your own pastry dough (Quiche, Turnovers, Tarts, and more)

At the grocery store this week? Keep walking by the ready-made pie and pastry mixes. Your great-grandmother didn’t need them to create a golden-brown, flaky, buttery crust and neither do