The Bell Kitchen

Porc à l’Italienne: Early Summer in Prague

“The summer revealed itself to all of Prague this past week; warming the sidewalks like a kitchen burner, tempering the breeze with the southern European heat, and whitewashing the stucco and Renaissance sgraffito that spirals up the city’s buildings like ivy. The tourists . . .”

Part 2: Preparing Homemade Sausages & Intro to Charcuterie

“And on the morning went and on the sausages rolled out – smaller ones to bigger ones where we tied and strung them up onto the beams. It really was something. I have always been meaning to create my own sausages . . .”

German Geschnetzeltes & Homemade Spätzle

By virtue of living in Prague, the husband and I have the fortune of being based in the heart of Europe. One can access almost any European city within an hour by air and if you travel by car . . .