The Bell Kitchen

Part 2: Preparing Homemade Sausages & Intro to Charcuterie

“And on the morning went and on the sausages rolled out – smaller ones to bigger ones where we tied and strung them up onto the beams. It really was something. I have always been meaning to create my own sausages . . .”

Part 1: Sausages & “Arms” in the Czech Republic

When most people think of the Czech Republic the item that most likely will come to mind is beer — and why wouldn’t they? Czech beer, or pivo, is flavorsome, hearty, and handsome in taste. For me, most people I know are fond not only for said attributes but also their seemingly restorative superpowers . . .

Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot: Spicy Mexican Goulash

At present, I am reading Thomas Mann’s masterpiece “The Magic Mountain” about a young man from Hamburg who visits his cousin at a tuberculosis sanatorium in Davos, Switzerland . . .