The Bell Kitchen

Sweet Autumn in Prague: Honey Brûlée

“I always get a bit anxious when the plane begins to land; the rumbling hydraulics of the landing gear extending out below us, the wing tailcoats firing upwards to slow our speed, and my personal conviction that we are almost always landing too fast. Last week was no different as the non-stop. . .”

Browned Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

“Ready to take the regular chocolate chip cookie to the next level? Let’s go. Cookie recipes cram the internet like the metro at rush hour. But here’s the deal – not only are we moving away from the regular ole chocolate chips but going with chopped chocolate chunks, those rocky melting chunks of. . .”

Jams: Strawberry Rum & Strawberry Rhubarb (Vegan)

“I have always liked jam, or is it “jelly”? Seeded raspberry to be exact. Whichever term you may use to refer to this sweet child-turned-adulthood favorite one thing is certain; you never outgrow this timeless candied treat . . . “