The Bell Kitchen

Summertime Escapism: Insalata di riso

“There are two things true about living in the city; either it’s incredibly easy to stay in-shape or exceedingly difficult. You can take the former route, with the countless metro steps and chasing after trams, forgetting lunch in favor of Outlook, or cocktailing post-workdays and putting dinner plans on snooze. With the . . .”

Jams: Strawberry Rum & Strawberry Rhubarb (Vegan)

“I have always liked jam, or is it “jelly”? Seeded raspberry to be exact. Whichever term you may use to refer to this sweet child-turned-adulthood favorite one thing is certain; you never outgrow this timeless candied treat . . . “

Sautéed Cannellini Beans & Fresh Greens

“Today I didn’t awake with my usual zest for the morning. I didn’t spring from the bed like a hot Pop-Tart straight from the toaster, either. No running shoes, no New Wave synth favorite to sing along to in the bath. In fact, the only meaningful action I took was to hit snooze. . .”