New blog! An introduction

The first, and my first ever, blog post! 
Introduction to The Bell Kitchen:
Although not a trained chef nor culinary graduate, I can proudly assume the title of food lover and cookery heathen. This blog came into existence after 3 years of living (and currently residing) in Prague, Czech Republic and craving the smells and tastes of home; Connecticut, USA. As I began my journey to recreate the recipes of my young adulthood, my curiosity into European cuisine grew, specifically French, and the techniques needed to execute tasty, satisfying, and ultimately memorable dishes.
It didn’t go well at first. I was an American in a European kitchen, the chips were down, and all the European rules applied. Fahrenheit to Celsius, grams to ounces, market aisles devoted to varying flour alone, and just how much does a “stick of butter” weigh anyhow? I didn’t know, but I was determined to find out. (..113 grams, if you were wondering). Yet I taught myself and, in a way, found myself through food. What a great and tasty means to do so, I must admit.
I am an expat navigating my way through a European kitchen and this blog serves as a survival guide to other expats learning how to chart their own journey into the world of cookery. I hope this blog, The Bell Kitchen, is also of interest to those who are not abroad but can delight in learning new recipes, European dishes, or a new perspective on how to prepare wonderful, from-scratch meals.  
I am by no means the next Julia Child to ride into town but I can help you get your whisk wet, command techniques, and share recipes with you (and perhaps a funny story or two) of how you can create a delicious meal and prepare an exquisite dinner party that will make your guests’ hair curl.
I hope you find this blog useful, entertaining, and above all, delicious! Join me and let’s get cookin’!

Pictured Above:

Tarte aux épinards et champignons forestières | Spinach and forest mushroom turnover served in a 
wild mushroom cream sauce

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